CS 822 Ceiling Panel Speakers

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CS 822-SX
CS 822-SF

The new CS 822 ceiling panel speakers offer higher quality sound, easier installation, and a more attractive appearance than conventional ceiling mounted loudspeakers.

These light weight PVC enclosures fit perfectly into a standard 2' X 2' ceiling grid and the low profile design allows installation in ceilings with as little as 4.5" of space above the grid.  Installation couldn't be easier - simply connect the wires and drop the panel in to place.  No holes to cut, no bridge support to mount, no baffle to install, and no mess to clean up.


Both models are available in either black or white.


Jacks.jpg (54209 bytes)The spring-loaded input terminals are fully recessed into the rear of the panel and can accept up to 12 gauge wire.


Available in two models to fill all of your sound needs


CS 822-SX                CS 822-SF                Specifications Page (.pdf)

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