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The CX-22 panel is a slimmer version of the CX-24 acoustic panel.  The convex curved design of the CX-22 acoustic panel combines a tasteful appearance with quality sound control.  The light weight thermoplastic panel provides easy installation with construction adhesive, nails, staples or screws. The size of the CX-22 panel also permits easy installation into a standard 2' X 2' ceiling grid.

Available in 48 different fabric colors or the CX-22 can be used as a diffuser panel, without a fabric cover, in either black or white.  

Key Benefits

  • Provides damping at higher frequencies and diffusion at middle and lower frequencies
  • Available in any of 48 different colors or without fabric covering in either black or white
  • Easy installation with construction adhesive, nails, staples or screws
  • Panels sizes also permit installation into a standard 2' X 2' ceiling grid

Dimensions: 23.75" X 23.75" X 2"

Weight: 2 lbs.

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Note:  WAVE FORMS™ Panels are constructed of U.L. fire rated 94-V.O. material.  The fabric covering is rated Class-A.  Always check local codes before installing these or any acoustic products the cover a large area of any room.

Note: Color variations are possible due to computer monitor settings.  Please contact us for a color brochure if you are interested in making a purchase. 


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