Diffuser Panels

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While sound absorbing fiberglass panels or acoustic foam are effective for absorbing acoustic energy, they can sometimes leave a room sounding dead or lifeless.  Vibrant Technologies Diffuser Panels are specially molded plastic panels designed to disperse acoustic energy throughout a given space.  Our panels redirect and redistribute sound waves throughout a room, helping to eliminate hot-spots and dead-spots while maintaining a true "live" sound.

Diffuser panels from Vibrant Technologies comes molded in white or black but can easily be painted with most popular paints and finishes.  The lightweight design of the panels allows easy installation with construction adhesive, nails, staples or screws.  The panels also fit neatly into a standard 2' X 2' ceiling grid, for overhead use. 


Diffuser Panels from Vibrant Technologies come in three different models that can be adapted to easily fit your needs and design specifications.


DF-22                                  DF-24                                  DC-22

Note : The intricate shape of the DF-24 prohibits manufacturing from flame-retardant material.  Check local codes before installing a large number of these or any thermoplastic panel.  Some areas may require the application of a flame-retardant coating..

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