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DF-24 e.jpg (168372 bytes) DF-22 painted in a concrete gray color

Custom Wave-Form Panel  Custom Work.jpg (77539 bytes)         

Installed_custom.jpg (197139 bytes) Custom Wave-Form Panel Installed in a Classroom

DISPLAY WALL 022.jpg (95213 bytes)    Custom Wave-Form Wall 

BAYSOUND STUDIOS 012.jpg (129397 bytes)     DF-22 Panels Installed in a Studio     BAYSOUND STUDIOS 013.jpg (177136 bytes)

Special Project Use of a DF-24 Wall & Custom Wave-Forms     VOSS CHAMBER 17.jpg (469000 bytes)

DISBRO THEATER 010.jpg (155227 bytes)     Custom Wave-Forms Used with a Home Theater; Notice the Color Matching Fabric 


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