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Fabric Colors

Our Wave - Forms acoustic and diffuser panels are an attractive and versatile alternative to acoustic foams and fiberglass panels.  Light weight materials and ease of installation make these the perfect choice for shaping the sound and appearance of any room or studio.  

The light weight thermoplastic panel is covered in an acoustic fabric that comes in a variety of colors.  The result is an acoustic panel that provides damping at higher frequencies and diffusion at middle and lower frequencies.  

Wave - Forms are available in 48 different fabric colors or can be used as a diffuser panel, without a fabric cover, in either black or white.  

Panels can be easily installed with construction adhesive, nails, staples or screws. Panels sizes also permit installation into a standard 2' X 2' ceiling grid.

Wave - Forms come in three different models to suit your needs.


CX-24                                        CV-24                                     CX-22

Note:  Wave - Forms Panels are constructed of U.L. fire rated 94-V.O. material.  The fabric covering is rated Class-A.  Always check local codes before installing these or any acoustic products the cover a large area of any room.

Note: Color variations are possible due to computer monitor settings.  Please contact us for a color brochure if you are interested in making a purchase. 


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